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Yes, the perfect brown eyeliner pencil does actually exist. Over the years, I've become a bigger fan of brown eye pencils over black, only because it adds softness to an eye makeup look, and enhances your eye in a very natural way. Ive tried & tested so many in the market, but I'm glad I found the one I can actually stick to for years now, thanks to Mario Dedivanovic, whose also famous for being Kim Kardashian's makeup artist.

My exact thoughts? It's a dual-ended eyeliner which feels like a gel eyeliner in a pencil form, which makes it a dream for me, as I love the intensity and pigment of a gel liner. You can't achieve that with anything else. I love how pigmented this pencil is, and how comfortable it feels on the eyes as it glides on so smoothly. The other side of the pencil is a custom brush thats made for smudging and blending, but I don't like the brush so much. I find it easier to use a seperate smudger brush to blend or smudge this pencil as I prefer more bristles on the brush (maybe because I'm a professional makeup artist). It comes with a sharpener as well, which is an extra ease to the product purchase. More importantly though, this brown is the most perfect brown also because its a lovely earthy brown universal shade that will suit almost everyone. The shade name is also "Perfect Brown" for a reason.

Shop for it online at Sephora Dubai:

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