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The hype around a Russian manicure is real. There's a reason people love it so much and get addicted. Its the cleanest and most precise manicure I've experienced in Dubai, but I'm glad I did it for a special occasion only. It uses acrylic nails which are hard gel nails and instead of removing cuticles with tools, it removes cuticles and excess skin with an electric device. This type of manicure also requires no soaking in water at all. Its pretty straightforward & super long lasting if you're looking for something solid. I would not recommend doing this manicure regularly as it is pretty harsh on the nails, but if you're looking to admire your nails for a big event, then this is it. I'm glad I stuck to a french ombre Russian manicure as it gave my nails a natural yet clean look.

How long does it last? Mine has gone on for about four weeks almost, and still hasn't gotten bad. It all depends on how much your nails grow out and how fast they grow. But you can expect it to last 3-4 weeks mininum.

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