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The concept behind lip fillers revolves around enhancing your lips to give it that perfect pout. You can achieve the same effect with makeup, without any injectables. The buzz around this faux filler lip gloss has lived up to its expectation. You use any lip liner you prefer to outline your lips and enhance the effect by gliding a coat of this lip gloss all over. You will get the strongest multi-dimensional shine & the most glassy gloss effect on your lips. It's almost blinding but helps so much to hide those cracks in your lips. Its not sticky, not drying, has no tingling sensation, and neither causes any discomfort nor chaps the lips, thanks to Vitamin E & Vegan Collagen. I'm pretty impressed with the way it adds character to my casual lip makeup. I like using the original colorless shade "Glassy" so that I can add it as my last coat to any lip color I wear. It also comes in a few shades below if you're looking to have a sheer tint of color in the gloss:

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