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If I had to pick a makeup product I can't live without everyday, it would have to be my mascara. For me, a no makeup day gets uplifted with big, voluminous lashes no matter how the day is going. Though a few months ago, I found myself shedding more lashes than usual, and noticing how my eyelashes fell everytime I used mascara from other beauty brands. Until I came across this one....

I discovered & got introduced to clean beauty, shortly after this eyelash experience. I started incorporating clean beauty into my everyday makeup routine, thanks to a homegrown beauty brand in the UAE, and felt that my eyelashes started responding so well. I started using the Skin Story Drama Mascara on a daily basis, without feeling guilty, and with a lot more confidence as I started noticing great results. Since this mascara is infused with a peptide serum, along with castor oil and biotin extracts, I genuinely noticed the significant difference in my lashes.

I found that my lashes stopped shedding like before, & found that the wand helped me curl my lashes more easily, but also made my lashes feel fuller & seem more voluminous whenever I applied it on. I tried this mascara out consistently for three months, and got addicted to the formulation of this nourishing vegan mascara, that I've almost stopped using other brands for my everyday look. It also didn't tingle my sensitive & watery eyes in anyway at all. I'm so grateful this actually came into my life at the right time!

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