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Summer heat & humidity in Dubai, causes hair to frizz for many, including me. I'm a wavy hair girl, and that's always a crucial concern when it comes to managing & taming the mane in extreme heat here. I've found the ultimate solution that has helped me style my hair better and also manage my natural hair without heat styling. After being recommended this by a hairstylist, I have been using the L'oreal Liss Control serum on my damp hair sparingly from mid length to ends and I've noticed how the frizz doesn't accumulate at all. The serum is lightweight & doesn't carry any greasy feel, which makes it a great option for summer months. It is suitable for all hair types as its a smoothing serum but not an oily one. I prefer using it on damp not dry hair, especially when I want to heat style my hair. A few pumps go a long way, and now I don't have to worry about my untamed strands of hair. I also like to combine this with a heat protector if I'm using heat on my hair. If not, then I like to layer it with other haircare that gives me healthier & shinier hair.

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