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Let me tell you about my everyday cleansing routine that has helped support my skin's collagen production & hydration levels overall. I have done a lot of trial and error with cleansing methods, from starting with soap cleansers, to oil-based solutions, toners and what not, but nothing has really made my skin feel this way. Most of my soap or gel-based cleansers have made my skin feel squeaky clean, but left if feeling dry & tight right after so I decided to stop everything & review what's not working for me.

I moved on to double-cleansing in a very gentle way, especially since I have a sensitive & dehydrated combination skin type (it is important to find out yours before choosing a go-to cleansing routine). After a full day out at work or events, I like to lather my skin with a layer of this Elemis rose collagen cleansing balm that has a balm texture when applied on the skin. I massage my skin with the balm for two minutes so it turns into an oily texture that feels super hydrating.If you add water to this, then it becomes a milky texture but I prefer not putting water! I like cleansing off the balm on my face with a cotton pad & some micellar water (suitable for sensitive skin). It feels so refreshing yet so gentle without stripping the moisture in my skin. This routine has become a staple in my night routine as it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, radiant until the morning, unlike other cleansing routines I've tried in the past. It also melts away any type of makeup I have on, which makes it so multipurpose, & helps remove any impurities within no time.

P.s. I love that the Elemis Pro-collagen balms and skincare ranges contain ingredients to support the skin's natural collagen production, as collagen is the key to unlock skin's longevity. Pro-Collagen formulas provide intense, skin-plumping hydration to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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