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The most trending blushes on the internet & the most talked about formulas right now are luminious powder blushes. They give you a blushed cheeked look with a soft diffused glow effect that is not too over powering yet is natural. Ideal for your summer looks as they stay on for longer in this heat than your cream blushes. I gave in to the Tik Tok trend of trying the Rare Beauty blushes because of the hype and here's a little realisation I came up with.

Without being biased or sponsored, I went in to try these Soft Pinch Luminous Powder Blushes by Rare Beauty at my nearest Sephora store. After two to three swipes of color on my cheeks, I let the makeup sink in for a few minutes, whilst I popped into MAC to try their version of Mineralise Luminous Blushes on the other side of my cheeks in the same way.

I compared both my cheeks after a few minutes, just to notice that the Rare Beauty was a bit too soft for my liking. The glow didn't even show up, and the blush color got diffused almost like I had applied nothing on. I liked how the soft pinch blushes didn't feel chalky or ashy on my skin at all, but I preferred using the Mac mineralise blushes as they gave off more pigment and definitely a better glow overall. The Rare beauty blushes had a beautiful feel to them but the MAC mineralise blushes in the luminous shades (not the regular ones) gave the effect my cheeks needed. The color & glow stayed on for long which made me realise that I shouldn't fall for trends and I should follow my own review of the product on my skin! I love that the mineralise blushes by MAC are also dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested & non-acnegenic, perfect for my sensitive skin.

Have you tried these? Which one do you like more? Leave your comments below, would love to know your thoughts.

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