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Stop Your Concealer From Creasing

If you've been struggling with your under eye issues, whether dark circles or puffiness, then concealers are your best friend. But using these regularly comes with some other issues, such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness which can cause the under eye makeup to crease after a few hours. The skin under the eyes stops producing enough oil and thats how the fine lines start setting in slowly with time. There are a few ways you can achieve smooth skin under the eyes without many creases forming in, even though its a never-ending battle....

Picture credits: Eman (youtube blogger)

1. Hydrate & Prep the under eye area

Depending on how dry your skin is under the eyes, use an effective moisturising cream to help reduce the fine lines in that area before using any makeup. I like using the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Cream which is enriched with mineral water, aloe vera and witch hazel extracts. Though, simple natural ways like face oils, such as coconut or almond oils, also help moisturise that area but apply a small amount and let it sink for two minutes to get absorbed. Since its summer, oils can feel heavier so it's a personal preference as to what your skin requires! If you're in a rush and can't let the cream sink in, use some tissue and softly dab on the under eye area to remove any excess cream, so that you can apply your concealer on quickly.

2. Choose a lightweight formula

If your concealer is thicker in texture, your concealer will crease more as the texture does determine how much a concealer will crease when it's on. Using a lighter and creamier textured concealer like the YSL Touche Eclat Pen or the Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher helps in keeping the under eye creasing at bay. As opposed to The Concealer Circle from Kryolan, for example, which is thicker in texture but gives you a lot more coverage.

3. Apply your concealer smartly

Don't apply your concealer very close to the lash line as that's the area that tends to crease the most. Use the concealer pen brush to apply the product on areas where you see the darker shadows and then, pat it in with your finger tips (preferably your ring finger as it puts the lightest pressure on the skin when dabbing). When patting with your fingers, the warmth helps the concealer to sink in and blend well. If your concealer gets too close to the lash line, then use a cotton bud dipped in some makeup remover to clean away the product. Skin also tends to be smoother around the inner corner of the eye where darkness appears, so apply your concealer in a triangular shape focusing on that area instead.

4. "Baking" & Blending

It's not the intense Instagram version of baking that I'm talking about but a milder version to keep your concealer set for hours without creases. After blending and smoothening the concealer with your fingertips, use a loose powder brush, dip it in some translucent loose setting powder and apply it lightly over the area you've concealed. (Translucent powders are powders with no color to them so when applying it over the concealer, it doesn't change the shade of your concealer or skin) Let the powder sit in for two to three minutes and then dust it off with a fan brush so that the skin under the eyes looks smooth and flawless. Some baking powder options are recommended in this article.

5. Alternative to "Baking"

If you aren't into "baking" your under eye concealer with powders and feel that it will dry your skin out more, then use the pointed side of a damp beauty blender and blend/smooth out any lines or creases after applying the concealer. The Beauty Blender shouldn't be too wet as it'll take off the concealer you have applied on your under eyes. A damp blender will set the makeup in well. And instead of baking, you can also apply some loose powder under the eyes with this damp beauty blender over the concealer to keep it in place only if you're scared you'll sweat a lot! Throughout the day, just use your fingers to smooth out any creases if they do decide to come through.

Stay Flawless,

Enrica x

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