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My Quickest Makeup Secret Revealed!

It's no joke that makeup has many secrets and that I do keep a lot of my tips and tricks under my sleeve being a professional makeup artist...but, this time I wanted to give you a peak into the way makeup works. Doing makeup on yourself is very different to doing makeup on clients so this trick is one you can use for yourself as its quick and easy!!

Having the perfect makeup starts with having the right skincare, and not many people emphasise on this as pretty instagram pictures are mainly what people care about. That's not enough! Having well-hydrated and well-moisturised skin before you apply makeup on is SO important. I'm a fan of good and effective skincare but that doesn't have to come at a price, it has to come with results.

What's my secret that you can you add to your routine?

1. Moisturize with a cream that suits your skin type. (p.s. I'm not a fan of primers) But, make sure to hydrate with an effective hydrating gel/cream and I love using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel to hydrate and plump the skin, and remove any dryness as its an oil-free moisturiser. Post hydrating, I use a sunblock all over the face.

2. Once I'm hydrated, I quickly take some water-tint for my cheeks by Benefit called Benetint. I use this on areas I want to look pink and rosey! It's a flush of color that's long-lasting and very well-pigmented, though no one can tell you have anything on as it appears like a natural blush color for your cheeks....shhhhh! BUT you have to blend this with your fingers very quickly so that it doesn't form like a blotch of color because its almost like a stain that doesn't leave your face.

3. After getting tinted up, I add the same tint to my lips for some color followed by a tinted lip balm. Once I'm done, the other tip is to spray some Pure Rose Water from Kama Ayurveda, on my face to set everything in and to add dew to the face. This brings everything I've applied on my face together and it tones up the skin, closing any open pores. I don't like using any setting powders on my face so that the moisture stays locked in and nothing looks matte or dry! If you still want more hydration, add another layer of the hydrating gel over this to complete your look.

This is super easy, and most of you can add this quick trick to your makeup routine. It has really changed the way my skin feels on a daily basis as well as for an evening out.

Stay Flawless,

Enrica x

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