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Upgrade your GLOW within seconds, but HOW?

It's easy to get caught up with all these glamorous looks on the red carpet, from Met Gala to the Cannes Film Festival, and wanting to achieve this GLOW factor on yourself! I'm obsessed with dewy skin lately on myself, and I love the fact that it makes you look youthful, fresh and natural if you put just the right amount (obviously not like a shiny disco ball!).

I have a few tricks to achieve this quick and radiant glow, and they're super easy to follow through....

1. Use a good hydrating gel/cream, to banish away your fine lines and wrinkles, apart from a moisturizer. (First, moisturize and then, hydrate)

2. Think of using illuminating products after hydrating: I love using Charlotte Tilbury's "Wonder Glow", or Benefit's "High Beam" all over the face on its own. Wonder Glow has a gold finish and High Beam has a silver/pearl white finish. Apply evenly all over the face, just for an overall illuminating effect! This gives you a layer of gorgeous dewy skin, in a subtle way, making your skin look naturally beautiful.

3. If you wear foundation, apply a little bit all over the face and blend with a beauty blender. Since I don't use foundations, I let the illuminators sink into the skin for a minute. If you want to highlight your nose or cheek area more, then add some more illuminator there or mix some with your foundation and add some on top.

4. I like to use a blush color over this skin, and prefer using creme or water tinted blushes because I'm obsessed with THE DEWY EFFECT. My current favorite is Benefit's "BENETINT". Creme blush or water-tint blushes are more natural-looking depending on how much you apply, and at the same time, are also moisturizing. This is a NO if you've got oily skin. It works best on dry to normal skin. Oily skin might breakout with so many greasy products on the face.

5. Go ahead with your lip colors and voila, you're done! If you want to add some bronzing and not look dry/matte on the skin, use a creme contour stick and blend well. You have to be careful with all these creamy products on your face, as they can melt if you have the tendency to sweat. Blend well and layer the bronzer before you apply any blush so the two can mix and look pretty. BLENDING is key.

The last thing that helps you add to the dewy effect, is using a rose water spray. (Kama Ayurveda has a really good one!) It tones, refreshes and helps close open pores, and we all know the benefits of Rose Water. It doesn't set the makeup for hours but helps make the makeup look more natural and dewy (brings it all together)! Try this out, and let me know if it works for you.

This isn't a glowy, highlighted skin effect but more of a dewy skin effect. Highlighted, glowy skin focuses more on the highlight and the areas you want to bring out on your face, like your cheeks, nose, eyes and lips! Everyone has different areas they want to highlight on their face, so that's a completely different look with different techniques in the makeup world.

Stay flawless,

Enrica x

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