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How To Do Your Own Hair At Home In A Minute?

Even though you're lazy, you have multiple ways to get your hair done at home in literally less than a minute- I've tried it on myself and I mean it! (Obviously, practice makes perfect)

I was invited to an event that took place at a pretty Jumeirah salon, My Bebar, which is located in Umm Suqeim. They showed us how to work with our hair, and make the best of what we have for whenever we want a change in our look. I didn't think it could get this easy...

The first hairstyle was a TOP KNOT:

It looked exactly like this (reference picture below) -

1) Start off by flipping your hair down and tying it into a high pony with an elastic rubber band (shouldn't be too chunky as it'll get in the way of the hairstyle).

2) Once the pony is cleanly tied up, backcomb the pony hair slightly with a comb.

3) Take the backcombed ponytail hair and wrap it around in a messy bun.

4) Use bigger-sized pins and tuck into the hair to seal the top knot and keep it in place.

I prefer messy top knots as they look hotter, but they shouldn't be too perfect, that's definitely not the idea behind this hairdo!

My first attempt:

The second hairstyle was Twisted braids half up half down:

1) Start by parting your hair and taking one side of the hair. Create twists as you go along but keep pulling new strands from the hair to join into the twists. Do this across the head until you reach the back of your head.

2) Do the same on the other side and create the twisted braid until you reach the back of the head.

3) Join the two hair braids to create a knot/braid or pony. It's completely up to you!

My first attempt:

The third hairstyle was a classic Chignon bun (I went for the low chignon):

1) Comb your hair and tame all strands so there's no frizzy bits. Tie it up into a low ponytail with an elastic rubber band.

2) Braid the hair into a classic braid and tie it up if you like.

3) Take the braid and wrap it into a bun around the ponytail. If your hair has volume, the bun will also be naturally voluminous. Its better if this is a side bun, so make sure your ponytail is slightly tied on one side too!

My first attempt:

Who though doing your own hair could be this easy?!

Try it out and let me know!

Stay Flawless x

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