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Strong & Healthy Nails Are Only Two Steps Away...

Excessive application of nail polish & permanent polish solutions can cause severe damage to your nail beds and cuticles, leaving them dry, brittle and weak. As they say, prevention is always better than cure, so starting to treat your nails and taking good care of them starts from you. If you're a frequent salon visitor, and are obsessed with clean & pretty nails then you also have to maintain their strength and density, in order to avoid further damage, as well as nails getting yellowish.

I do try to take short breaks between my nail polish changes and treatments, just to let my nails breath. But when I'm continuously applying polishes and doing other gel nail treatments, I stick with two of my favorite nail care tips:

1. I love using the Essie Apricot Cuticle oil around my cuticles, and massaging it with my fingers because my cuticles tend to get very dry when I travel and during climate change. If your cuticles are dry, then you start peeling the skin off and the skin tends to burn even more. So, its even better to take care of this problem before it starts. The cuticle oil absorbs quickly into the nail beds, and protects them from any dryness, giving them hydration and moisture.

2. Not only do the nail cuticles need moisturizing, and hydration, but it's very common that nails turn yellowish and become brittle everytime you apply nail polish and get nail treatments done. To avoid this, I'm obsessed with using Sally's Hansen's 7-in-1 Nail Treatment as a base coat and top coat before & after applying any nail polish (have tried it on most brands like Essie, OPI, CND etc). It acts as a nail treatment for growth, strengthening, filling ridges, brightening and moisturizing which is practically everything you need to keep your nails in a healthy state. Since its combined with avocado oil, salt, calcium and pomegranate extracts, it helps restore nail strength and brightness giving it the care it needs. It's a bottle for keeps, maybe one that's forever too!

I've been sticking to these two methods for quite a few months and I have seen my nail condition improve - I barely see them getting damaged or yellowish anymore.

Hope this helps you keep your nails strong & healthy too!

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