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My Fashion Diary: Shop Till You Drop

A mix of tassels, a mix of colors, a mix of trends and a mix of patterns is an exceptional quality of this gorgeous fashion house. Don't know where to look and for what? This is your answer to the ultimate wardrobe where you want to own every piece because of its uniqueness and style statement. You know you're going to be talked about when you where a piece from LOVE SHOP PRAY. Located on Al Manara Road, you can't miss out on its displays, especially since they carry multiple designers, ranging from jewellery to sunglasses to beach wear, casual tops & trousers, and dresses. The list seriously goes on....but I started styling myself & got lost in the process.....It was so hard to pick but it was so worth the time!

Find all the jewellery, bags, and outfits I'm wearing on

Instagram : @loveshoppraydubai

Stay Flawless x

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