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Victoria Secret's Fragrances Are Perfect For A Beauty Sleep: Find Out Why!

Victoria Secret's range of fragrances, whether its mists or perfumes, is so large that one can get carried away to buy every single fragrance in their store because they actually smell amazing! Though, amongst the wide range, the two fragrances that stand out for me are Bombshell & Tease. I'm obsessed with using the mists before I sleep at night as they're lighter, but I love using the Eau de Parfum for a stronger, long-lasting scent during the day. Bombshell is a mix of exotic flowers giving off a fruity-floral scent with passion fruit and vanilla orchid, whereas Tease is a warmer fragrance with black vanilla and pear scents. It really depends on what kind of girl you are and what scents you like before you sleep, but I like to mix my days up with them depending on my mood.

Since I'm such a fragrance-obsessed kinda girl, I'm very particular about the way I smell before I sleep and I emphasize on it no matter what. I feel smelling good makes you sleep better and my fragrances make me feel fresh, and alive but at the same time relax me for me to sleep better. I feel sleep and smell do have a connection, almost like aromatherapy when you're getting a massage done at the spa. Aromatherapy puts you to sleep with the fragrances they add to the room and the oils, so aroma does play a role on the way you feel once the massage is done. Same way, my Victoria secret fragrances are light, refreshing and sweet, and they make me feel good so I do sleep better. The difference in my smells and aromatherapy, is that my smells are perfumed/unnatural whereas those are natural. If you feel perfumes are too strong for you to use, then use natural fragranced products to rub on your skin before sleeping or use essential oil diffusers in your room to soothe your senses and calm your nerves so that you sleep well.

Some of the ways you can use oils to sleep well, is by choosing the right oil for the purpose you want it to serve. I found this really interesting article which tells you which fragrance gives off what and it might help you choose your favorite scent out of them all. Click here to read more to know how scent affects your ability to sleep.

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