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Favorite Beauty Products of March 2018

March being my birthday month, makes me indulge in makeup and all things beauty a little more than usual! I loved using some of these products on myself this month, to feel like a birthday princess.

NARS Blush in "Orgasm"

Sometimes, old is gold and classics are forever! This is my ultimate blush option when I have no idea what to use or which color I'm feeling. Also, NARS claims that this is one of they bestsellers and there's no doubt that this powder blush color suits so many skin tones and looks beautiful on the skin - I'd like to call it a universally flattering blush. It is a coral pink shade with a slight shimmer but the shimmer/highlight is almost invisible when you apply it on the apple of the cheeks. For those who are slightly paler and need some color, this is a must try! (If you want more of this shade, and slightly more intense then go for the shade "Super Orgasm" - do it if you can handle the blush color and are madly obsessed with this shade!!)

GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper

This instant lip formula, infused with hyaluronic acid, is one that won't disappoint. Hydrates, plumps and adds a natural color increasing softness, smoothness, volume and fullness of lips over a short period of time. Once you apply it on clean dry lips, you see results in 2-3 minutes but yes, there is a tingling sensation immediately after but that tells you it's working! It works very easily with other lip colors and products so layering isn't a problem. What I like the most is that it comes in few natural shades, unlike other plumpers, and you don't have to worry about adding color on top if you don't want to. It's also not a sticky formula so sits well on the lips whilst moisturizing them.

OPI Infinite Shine Nailpolish in "Tiramisu for Two"

Finding the perfect nude that suits my skin tone is always a task, especially since I want my nails to look fresh, clean and classic for work. Nudes tend to dull down my hands but this nail color by OPI in "Tiramisu for two" is the perfect shade that gives you the right amount of nude you need. Think of a cafe latte, and tiramisu and that's the color you get!

Makeup Forever's Camouflage Cream palette

The most convenient and professional cream concealer palette that corrects every type of skin imperfection. I love how lightweight and creamy the concealers are but aren't cakey whatsoever. They melt into the skin and give medium to full coverage but are buildable when applied. This particular no.4 camouflage palette is ideal for deeper skin tones but I make use of it in multiple ways. The orange color corrector is used for concealing heavy dark circles under the eyes so it goes on first and then you apply the concealer over it. The medium shade color in the middle is used as a concealer color. If you're not dark, the three other darker skin tones are used to contour! This is why I love this palette so much. The consistency and the textures of these concealers are pretty good. Also, if you're looking for a concealer palette for lighter skin tones, click here to know the other combinations but I definitely recommend this for under eyes.

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