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My #HudaBeauty picks for your personal makeup collection!

UAE's blogging sensation and beauty guru, HUDABEAUTY, has won over a million fans worldwide for her makeup range, and has proved out to be the ultimate beauty entrepreneur that women are looking up to in the business world.

Her makeup range kicked off with a bang once she brought our her eyelashes but it didn't stop there. I felt like compiling a list of products that are my most favorite from her range so that I help you save some money from buying and indulging into every single product, especially if some of the products aren't actually good.

The one item I love using is her lip pencils especially the one in the shade "ICON". It's a beautiful brown-tinted tone which looks lovely as a color on my skin tone. I find the lip pencils quite soft and sometimes like to use them all over my lips if I'm not feeling that it's a lipstick kinda day.

The other item you must own is her highlighter palette in "GOLDEN SANDS". The amount of friends I've referred this palette to is actually crazy, but every single one has only thanked me later. It's definitely not for very fair girls but if you like to get the golden glow and sun kissed look to look a little healthier then this one is your ultimate go-to product. It's so convenient for holiday trips and so easy to use, especially since you've got the cream highlighter, the powder highlighter, the powder bronzed highlighter and the highlighter blush all-in-one palette. All 4 tones have the highlight effect in them so it'll be highlighter on fleek for you at all times. Especially if you love your powder blush, this isn't matte but this gives you a shimmer on the cheeks. On a side note, I like to apply gold creme highlighter FIJI with my fingers so that the color warms up on the fingers and melts on the skin to blend well.

The other gorgeous and non-chapping, non-drying product is her liquid matte lipsticks. I'm particular about lip colors, especially matte colors and their finishes. I don't like to buy mattes that dry out and crack my lips or feel sticky after a few minutes. With Hudabeauty liquid mattes, I like the way they settle on your lips and stay on for hours if not days, without feeling sticky or chappy. My favorites are ICON & GOSSIP GURL. However, you should keep in mind that the colors which are shown on the Hudabeauty counters as samples are different from when the color is actually applied on your lips, so I recommend you try it out at Sephora before buying it.

OH & of course, my ultimate lash favorite are the Hudabeauty lashes in "GISELLE". They look so good when I put them on myself as they're feathery, also give you quite a lot of length and very little volume, a natural kind of volume. The lashes do stick with DUO glue but the Hudabeauty glue is way stronger so if you want them for a whole day, I recommend the stronger glue option. The other stronger lash option of Giselle is "SAMANTHA" which is much more fluffier and volumized. If you have smaller eyelids like me, opt for Giselle but if you have bigger eyelids and eyes, try out Samantha for more drama. If it's your first time wearing lashes, don't pick a dramatic one as you might feel you look too scary!!

And, the most recent and most loved product is the new mini Smokey Obsessions palette which is so practical and so useful for all you girls who travel a lot and love doing your makeup on the go, especially classic eye looks! It's really well-pigmented, got a lovely mix of shades to do the perfect smokey eye but yes they do get messy and have a fall when applying them on. To get the most out of the lighter pigments of champagne and gold, it's best to use your fingers and apply it over your eyelid. If you want to intensify the color more, mix MAC Fix+ spray with it and apply the color with a brush. When using the black color, build up on it by applying less first and then using more as you pick up the color overtime as it can spread and get messy.

If you have any questions or queries, email me on to know more!

Stay Flawless

Enrica x

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