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Favorite Beauty Products of February 2018

It's a shorter month but gives us so much time to crush on even more beauty and skincare products. Hello Gorgeous! With these, you can't go wrong:

Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter

This gorgeous satiny pink highlighter is worth so much more than its marketed. As you all know, my love for highlighters never ends especially when it comes to achieving dewy skin on myself. Before getting my hands on this, I thought it might be too pink of a highlighter on my complexion but in reality, when I started using this I noticed that there is this beautiful natural shimmer which is making my cheekbones pop in person & in pictures. I love the fact that comes in a nail polish bottle, and is so easy to apply on any part of the face or body unlike having to use separate makeup brushes to get the effect. This has been my most favorite secret of looking fresh and glowy this month that makes you want to keep looking at your skin! I don't recommend it for much darker skin tones as it won't look suit that skin tone, and won't highlight it well.

Marajo Deep Treatment Butter Also known as a post wash hydrator, which improves damage, adds shine and hydrates the hair to make it look smoother and healthier. I've been using it twice a week instead of my conditioner, and I like the way it softens the ends and moisturizes without leaving the hair flat or greasy. The volume is intact but yes, the hair frizz is tamed (even though I love frizz and volume) but it feels more manageable and less tangled once I use this. The buttery cream texture contains a miracle oil from Brazil which helps protect the hair, and is fabulous for dry hair. The days I don't put conditioner, I leave this on for two minutes in the shower and wash it off, and my hair feels amazing.

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow & Kohl in shade 005 Pink & Purple Rain This stick is such a multi-purpose tool for beginner makeup addicts as well as pro makeup artists. I find that products like these make your kit lighter, and especially one that serves many purposes. The beautiful shimmer pink eyeshadow on one end of the stick, is used as an eyeshadow on the entire upper lid to highlight the eyes or on the inner corner of the eyes to open up and wakeup tired eyes. That's my favorite trick when I want to look alive after a tiring day! The other end, is a dark purple kajal/kohl pencil that's pigmented but I like to cheat and use it to create a semi-smokey eye by adding some on the corners of the eye and smudging that color. You can also use this in your water line, as its so soft and light on the eyes. It also comes in a stunning brown and gold metallic color combination which is my other favorite!

Rouge Dior Liquid Lipstick in Poison Metal

The one liquid lip stain I have come across that's so intense in its color yet has the most beautiful metallic finish once applied. So, basically matte metal satin all in one and wow!! This gorgeous deep burgundy brown has been my staple this winter season, paired with a subtle pearl or gold eye lid. The multiple effects and color impact makes you want to pair the lip stain with a different color base underneath. In other words, I use a deep red color all over the lips first, and then apply the liquid lip stain over it to give it a red tint and tone down the brown in the color. Your lips glow from a distance and last for long too!!

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