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Bye Bye Split Ends, Your Hair Is Calling You!

Split ends is a common problem with most of us girls in Dubai and girls who love blowdrying their hair regularly. But, no one said its a permanent problem and like you take care of your skin to prevent aging, hair needs that care too, to prevent it from aging. They do get caused by excessive blowdries, exposure to the sun and of course brushing your hair when they're wet.

However, my way of avoiding and trying to reduce is split ends is pretty easy. I'm not a product junkie, but I'm definitely all in for managing your hair and keeping it in a good condition. I like to use a split-end serum after I wash my hair, when the hair is slight damp, but have only stuck to one for a long time. It's super light in texture, and doesn't weigh the hair down after applying it, unlike many other serums in the market.

This split-end serum gives you your money's worth and sets into your hair well, not making it feel greasy. All you need is around two pumps of it. Apply it evenly on your ends only, not on the scalp, in a rubbing motion for it to get absorbed well. This is my all-time fix to seal my split ends which I tend to get quite often! Incase the serum doesn't fix it, it's my call time for hair trim. And it's true, the more often you trim your hair, the lesser the chances are for your hair to get split ends, and the healthier your hair become. The serum is available at Nazih stores in Dubai (on Sheikh Zayed Road).

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