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The Bridal Story: Andrea & Arjun

The beautiful couple, Andrea & Arjun, who got married in November 2017 were nothing less than a union of love, without boundaries. It was such a pleasure to doll up my gorgeous girl on her wedding day, to marry her Indian prince charming at Lapita Hotels & Resorts (Bollywood Park) in Dubai. But, how did it all happen?

Since Andrea was originally from Hungary, she had no clue how to go about the whole process and how to look Indian enough on her wedding. So, when I was approached by her, I knew she needed that professional guidance which would make her life a lot easier. We started by giving her a hair and makeup trial at her residence, where we explored options of hairstyles and makeup to create a rough picture of how the final look would be. It was a 2-3 hour process but at least she got to clear her mind and her thoughts, so that we were all on the same page.

Once the trial was appreciated by her and her fiancé, Arjun, they decided to go ahead and book my services. However, whatever was done on the trial needed to be amended and improvised so that we could suit the mood and the outfit on the day. For the wedding day, we setup in her beautiful mutli-storey villa to dress her up from head to toe. The bridal hair we decided to go for wasn't a classic style only because she was European and we wanted to add that touch to the Indian hairstyle. We stuck to a low bun which wasn't super low so that her neck and her jewellery set wouldn't feel weird or get in the way during the ceremony and other traditions. To add more feature and style to the hair, we decided to move from the traditional rounded jura (bun in Hindi) to the stylized flower/mini rolls hairdo which would look prettier in photos, especially because the dupatta (veil in Hindi) was transparent and the hair do would be very visible. It was also a more dreamy look where we wanted her to look soft and pretty as an Indian bride rather than loud and heavy. Even the makeup, I opted for flawless skin, prominent eyes with a touch of gold and some lashes to make her eyes look big, paired with a classic red lip. That glow was definitely seen from a distance. I did have an option to go for smokey bridal eyes and nude lips but the reason we decided not to go for that is because it started looking to Westernized on her, and Arjun didn't want it that way only because it was an Indian ceremony.

Once the ceremony got over and they were officially married, the event turned into an evening of dance, somewhat like a Reception with a Sangeeta feel. For that event, we touched up Andrea's makeup with a lip color and some eye makeup or foundation that had lightened up, and opened up her hair into curls with a soft twisted braid to give her a half-up half-down hairdo. We decided to open her hair so that she could be comfortable in dancing and a lot more free from all the pins in her hair. Since we used hair extensions, the volume was looking good and the hair didn't turn flat.

Though, walking down that aisle, with her father, being captured by some of the finest wedding photographers in tow, Melrish Studios, she looked like nothing but a dream, especially in her groom-to-be's eyes. Their ceremony and every snippet of it behind the scenes is something I've put together for you to watch and witness, and to admire how the whole transformation process took place on the actual day, as all the brides-to-be will find it useful to know how everything takes place and how it all unfolds step by step. It's important to stay original and true to your style! Thank you for choosing Flawlessbeauty by Enrica & for being my beautiful bride.

Congratulations Arjun & Andrea!

Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness x

Location: Lapita Hotel & Resorts, Bollywood Park

Photographer: Melrish Studios

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