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Which kissable red lip shade are YOU this Valentine's Day?

It's that time of the year where every girl is looking for that most perfect red with her gorgeous date night outfit and if they're not looking, they're buying red lip colors to make themselves feel flawless! Red lips for me is a shade to go to whenever I need a pop of color or to brighten my face up. It's the most classic color that suits everyone but there are different shades of red that suit different skin tones, depending on whether you have a warm or cool tone. My red lip choices this Valentines might help you pick yours!

Shades used above:

Top left: Dior lipstick Rouge dior in shade '999'

Top right: Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick in "Red carpet red"

Bottom left: MUD cosmetics lipstick in "Burlesque"

Bottom right: MAC lipstick in "Ruby woo" (matte finish)

My makeup tip: I like using these lipsticks with a universal liner when I want the color of the lipstick to show, and don't wan't to change it with a lip liner. It depends on my mood, and if I want to contour the lips with a darker shade. For the 4 lipsticks above, I used the MAC lipliner in "Spice" as a base to contour the lips and then just went over the lips with the desired red lipstick.

The shade on the top left by Dior is more of an orangey-red shade with a sheen finish that glides on so smoothly.

The shade on the top right by Charlotte Tilbury is a cooler red tone with more pink and has a deeper red feel to it with a matte finish.

The shade on the bottom left by MUD is a more maroony purple red that almost looks like a dark red once put on, and is also quite build able in its color. This has a satin finish and is non-drying to the lips with a smooth and supple feel to it.

The shade on the bottom right by MAC is a matte red which looks different on different people and I've seen that on many of my clients and friends. This shade is a classic shade by MAC which suits a lot of people, but is quite matte in texture and gets dry after a while so you need to apply a light lip balm over it if your lips are dry or dehydrated!

Happy Valentines Day lovelies <3

Email me on for any queries x

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