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Favorite Beauty Products of January 2018

New year, new ME? BUT how many of you stick to it?!

Well, if not new year new me, I definitely told myself to take more care of my hair, skin, nails and of course, my body. I started the year with some fabulous products that have made me shine brighter already! Are you keeping up to your new year resolutions?

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions palette

These mini travel-size palettes which Hudabeauty has come up with are GENIUS! Finally, she has come out with a bigger variety of colors in more compact colors, and neutral colors that work for all skin tones. I was a little tired of the reds and oranges being released by her, but this one has become my absolute favorite because its actually so useful and practical! You can practically do any classic smokey eye and shimmery eyes to pair with almost any outfit without having to worry about the color choice. I do feel the pigments of the matte colors are better than the shimmer colors, but for shimmers it is better to apply them with your fingers to get a stronger eye color. The eyeshadow color does spread and get messy when you apply it but it's definitely worth the drop! Maybe use some tissue under the eye, so you can wipe it off easily, or start your makeup with the eyes before the foundation.

Neutrogena's Hydro Boost gel-cream

It's been a few months that I've now been using and trying out this cream, which wasn't a part of my comfort zone initially as I've never used anything from the brand, Neutrogena, before this. Even after a press meet, I wasn't too convinced about it so I tried giving it a shot by seeing and observing by skin for a few months before coming to a conclusion. I'm so glad I did that because this water-based gel cream is one of the most perfect hydrating creams when it comes to daily skincare. I was never guided on if I should use it on its own or pair it with other products but I did it my own way by experimenting. Since it worked on me, my regular skincare routine consists of a moisturizer first, then applying this gel all over the face in patting motion lightly, and then some sunblock over it. I love the way it instantly plumps the skin, making it fuller & more supple, and making fine lines look less obvious. The freshness that comes in this bottle is worth every penny for your skin's health. It contains hyaluronic acid and acts as a sponge for dry skin!!

KIKO Skin Trainer CC Blur cream

This CC blur product actually serves many purposes, with its main purpose being to correct any imperfections on the skin in order to even out the complexion and skin tone. The optical correction gives a blurring effect to wherever it is applied on the face, mainly covering any open pores and rough areas. I love using it as a pre-base/primer for open pores and uneven tones/areas on the face as it is super light in texture and gets absorbed easily. Once applied on areas that need correcting and mattifying, I apply the foundation over it and it clears the skin out well letting the foundation smoothly lay over this pre-base. Since it is for all skin types, it a good way to correct imperfections yet have a radiant glow, and not super matte, due to its CC cream properties. It comes in 4 colors only, and it's pretty easy to find your shade.

Soap & Glory's Hand Food Cream

A hand cream which is completely non-greasy and actually good for you - contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallows! (smells yummy too) I don't generally rave about many hand creams but this one is worth talking about. It is hydrating but at the same time, its moisturizing to the point where you don't have to keep cleaning your hands to remove the oiliness and stickiness of the cream. It is always a part of my travel kit now, and sometimes I do overdose on it when I'm out and about .(it feels SO good when you put it on, so can't resist!) Boots stores also carry it's travel sizes so that makes it much easier to carry with you in your makeup pouch.

Forest Essentials' Body Mist in "Nargis"

An infused water body mist made of flowers with the softest floral scent of the Nargis flower that leaves your body with that hint of sweetness. The delicate aroma sets an everlasting impression before going to bed, ideally how I like to use the mist, making you feel refreshed. The fragrance definitely grows on you if you're a floral lover but not so much if you like something stronger.

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