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Your Skin Will Eat These Foods & You'll Be Surprised How!

It's rare to see beauty products that work effectively without putting in much effort or time, similarly it's rare to see foods that work on your body immediately which also never really happens. With this brand and product range, it works differently. Skin Food, a beauty brand I recently discovered at Sephora, has finally brought its range to all Sephora store shelves in Dubai and it's been a while. Initially, I didn't trust too much into the packaging or the selling factor of this range but sometimes you really do need to trial and error until you get it right! That's exactly what happened to me. Walked right into Mall of the Emirates, not wanting anything, and walked back out with some gorgeous products that I didn't even think I would end up wanting more of.

Skin Food's Rice Mask Wash Off

A face mask which is made of rice grain extracts to brighten and soften the skin. These rice grains feel so soft when rubbed onto the skin that I like to first use it as a scrub to remove any dead skin. Once I scrub off any dirt particles in circular motion, I like to keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes so that it soaks into the skin. Few minutes later, you notice that the pack slowly dries up and gets absorbed, not making the skin feel dry. Once washed off with luke warm water, your skin feels baby-like, so much brighter and softer. This has been my go-to mask lately on a weekly basis and there's no going back!! (and its inexpensive so it's a big hit for all the beauty junkies)

Skin Food's Coconut Hydrating Mask

The other favorite which is my ultimate go-to when my skin feels dehydrated/tight/dry is this freshmade coconut mask that treats the skin in the most gentle way. I have never used a mask lighter than this one! It's made of coconuts (obviously) but serves a much bigger purpose to the skin: firms, hydrates, moisturizes, softens. It almost feels as if your skin is drinking or injected with water to plump it more, and help remove any fine lines on the mouth area or any other parts of the face. This must not be applied under the eyes though. All you have to do it apply this mask all over a clean face, and leave it on for 15 minutes or so, which will make you notice that as time passes, the mask will start disappearing and getting absorbed by the skin. This is when you know that the treatment is working and your skin is taking in the food you're supplying it with. These moisturize droplets promote soft and complete absorption making the skin smoother and fresher. I absolutely LOVE the effect and would be raving about it for days.


Personally, I like to alternate between both these treatments, so one week would be the Rice Mask and one week the Coconut Mask. Since my skin is used to both textures and it suits my skin, I like taking the effect of both into my skin so that I get different benefits. It's like saying, that different foods feed your body with different nutrients. Same way, different "skin foods" or masks give you different effects and benefits. I recommend buying the one that is right for your skin type or treats your skin problem. If you need a mask and scrub, go for the Rice mask as its multi-purpose, and helps brighten your complexion too. If you have good skin, and mainly needs hydration, then Coconut mask would be ideal. The picture below shows you the texture of both the masks, the left being more grainy and the right being more water-based.

Available across Sephora stores in Dubai.

Email me on for any further queries or questions x

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