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I LOVE wearing this product as it gives me the most beautiful dewy skin...

Dewy skin is very different from oily -looking skin, which most people get wrong when it comes to makeup. Dewy skin has to be achieved by using the right products to make the skin glow without it looking too obvious, whereas oily skin is when makeup starts to look oily due to the sweat gathering up on your skin, releasing excess sebum. If you have oily skin, you notice that your makeup wipes away faster from the skin, that may require you to do a quick touch up every few hours.

As you all know, I'm not so into using foundations for myself, but I LOVE getting the dewy skin effect without any foundation. It's actually the fastest way, and my fool-proof way which makes my skin look gorgeous in person and on camera, when I'm heading for a special event.

Image credits: Cult Beauty

I like to start by cleaning my skin with some Bioderma cleansing solution, followed by some moisturizer which is suitable for my skin during the season. For winters, I have been using a simple non-fragrance moisturizer by Cetaphil and it works well for me. After moisturizing, I use the MAC Strobe Cream in "Pinklite" which is the original strobe cream color (now it comes in many more shades too with different tints). This is my FAVORITE product that I have been using a lot lately for weddings and events, only because it removes the appearance of dull skin and gives have the most beautiful glow. I like the strobing in the cream form instead of the liquid form, as it adds additional moisture to the skin. You need to apply a little to the whole face, and I apply it as a moisturizer with my hands. The areas I want to glow more, I apply a little extra to those parts of the face.

Usually after this, if you apply foundations, I would recommend to apply a little bit of foundation over this and you're ready to go! This strobe cream also makes you look slightly fairer in color due to its iridescent particles so if you're applying a foundation on top, don't over do it as you could look really fair in pictures. If you're feeling you're looking too white, add some bronzer to your cheeks to warm up the skin tone. After the strobe cream, I generally leave my skin on its own without any foundation, and I apply some blush over it to complete the look.

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