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Makeup tools that will completely transform your makeup application!

Getting your personal makeup application right is so important but it all comes together only with the right products, brushes and techniques. I'm the kind of girl who loves using fingers for a lot of my makeup applications, just because the makeup warms up and it settles to blend in well into the skin. But one thing I did realize while doing that, is that with your fingers you can apply it and blend it, but if you're in a rush, you might be leaving some lines or some mess on a part of your face which are only be visible to the camera and not to your eye i.e. not blended well enough. To avoid those faults, I recently discovered these beautiful and affordable sponges which have really transformed the way I apply makeup on myself or on my clients, and the complete look.

These Miracle Complexion Sponges are by Real Techniques and are also some of the most amazing tools when it comes to multi purpose application and effective blending. Using them slightly damp gives a dewy coverage which looks beautiful if you're into that finish. But it's unlike the beauty blender which has a pointed shape on one end and a rounded shape on the other. This sponge shape has a purpose: the rounder sides are for blending any large foundation areas in a dabbing motion (ideal for liquid foundations), the pointed corners reach smaller areas on the face and cover small imperfections, and the flat edges can be used for contouring the nose or other areas but I also like to use it to tap onto the foundation and push it into the pores if I want more coverage. The flatness lets the foundation stick into the skin without letting it move, rather than using the round edge for blending which can take off a bit of the foundation product in the process. And yes, its latex free!

The other tool which really is a fabulous find, especially since I'm so obsessed with getting my undereye makeup perfect and avoiding any errors, is the Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge by Real Techniques. The best thing about these is the size and the fact that it can really erase any mistakes or mishaps while you're doing your makeup. I love using them to blend my under eye concealers but it has many more uses than you think. Using it damp helps blend out any harsh lines and using it dry helps picking up any makeup fallouts. The rounder sides are for buffing and blending (what I use for my concealer blending), the pointed tip is to target small areas inside the inner corner of eye or nose, and the flatter edge is to erase any makeup. It's very common that when you're doing your makeup, you get eyeshadow fallout or the eyeliner has gone wrong or even the mascara smudges have been left around. This sponge is the most ideal thing to correct any of these mistakes and to make sure you get that flawless finish.

I definitely recommend these two tools in your makeup kits if you're a makeup perfectionist and love your blending just as much as I do. They are better than the beauty blenders only because they're much more value for money, and you can use them in so many more ways than the beauty blender sponges. I like buying the dual packs as you save more and if you're a professional makeup artist, you have to keep changing your sponges after 3 months so this works as a better deal.

Happy Blending x

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