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DiorMakeup X Sephora - the masterclass details you need to know!!

Recently, I had been invited to the Dior makeup masterclass with The Dior International Pro Team Makeup Artist, Emmanuelle Geoffrey, which was hosted by Sephora in Dubai (pictured above). It was exciting to get to know how Dior makeup artists work backstage and how they keep up with all the trends and different skin tones, as well as come up with such wonderful products that do so much justice to one's skin and one's face. We got to experiment with their new makeup range, and apply it on ourselves to create the final look and to get the feel of the products hands on.

The best part of the masterclass was their skin preparation where we focused on using and layering the right products to target our skin in the right way. It was also good that the products could be used on all skin types and for most age ranges.

Skincare preparation:

- Cleansed skin with the Hydra Life Micellar Water but since it wasn't strong enough for the eyes, we used the Instant Eye Makeup Remover to clean the eye makeup.

- Applied 2 drops of the Skin Boosting Super Serum on the face - this boosts the effectiveness of any skincare and you can also use it with any other skincare brand if you wish to do so! - Then, applied Hydra Life which is a water-based moisturizer to hydrate the skin and give it some water, and the skin really did feel quite fresh just after a little ounce of this product!!

- Then, used Capture Totale Dream Skin - We put it right after which did wonders - almost like the perfect skin creator before continuing on to any makeup look, and it was definitely worth it since it created a clear canvas before the makeup application. Personally, I loved this product!

- Finally, we used a Lip Sugar Scrub (sweet exfoliating balm) which was so so nice! You have to apply it like a lipstick on the lips, and it has a healthy pink color tint to it, so close your lips together once you apply it. The sugar crystals will be pressed and that will help exfoliate as they melt on lips.

Once the skin prep was over, we went on to applying the makeup:

- Tried out the NEW Dior Skin Forever Perfect Mousse by mixing shade 20 & 30 which is a very matte foundation that Dior has just released. (Quick trick is that if you have ever put too much foundation on your face, take a tissue and wrap it around your beauty blender, then roll it on your skin so the makeup that is excess comes on the tissue paper) This is the new weightless matte makeup which has a zero pore effect, and it does significantly cover your pores to make them nearly invisible.

- Then, used the Flash Luminizer which is a radiance boost pen, and applied it on the forehead, nose, chin, mouth and cupid's bow. I generally use other pens, but I didn't find anything special about this one, and it's like any other highlighter pen in the market though it felt quite lightweight on the skin.

- Set with Dior Forever Powder in 030. - The eye makeup was the most fun part as always and my favorite was the eyelash primer which was the Diorshow Maximizer 3D (has a triple volume plumping effect). My eyelashes are so tiny so this really worked on me and it was BOMB!! One coat of this right before the mascara gave the most enhanced eyelash effect, that I don't think I need to wear false lashes anymore!! The trick is to let this lash primer dry properly for a minute before applying the mascara on and if you're a eyelash fan, then this is for you. You need to try it to know the REAL effect. - The rest of the makeup was the regular kind using the eyeshadow quads by Dior but my other favorite part was the Dior Highlighter in 001. I know everyone is obsessed with highlighters but when I tried this one, I really felt the pop of my cheekbone in this rose gold highlight color. It has a gorgeous shimmer feel to it but it's fabulous for glamorous night outs and events. This is a must try if you're a highlighter girl!

- Finally, for the lips I went for a classic Dior red which you can never go wrong with using the Rouge Dior Liquid in shade 999, along with a lipliner in the same shade 999.

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