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Weekly Beauty Pampering At My Favorite Spot In Town!

Whether I'm traveling or I'm in Dubai super busy with work or routine life, there's always some way I make time for this particular time of the week which is all about ME time. I look forward to these sessions as they help me unwind after the whole week's craziness, helping me relax my muscles as well as pamper my hair a little extra. I could be doing this hot oil massage treatment at home myself, but the reason I don't is because of the way I feel when I'm at this salon and the professionalism of the service whenever I get it done.

The hot oil massage treatment starts with a head massage using their own herbal oil made at the salon, which helps promote hair growth and reduce hairfall, as well as provide vitamins to the scalp. The massage they give is an intense head, neck and shoulder massage to ease your muscles completely. I haven't come across a better hot oil massage than this, especially since my therapist is Thai and she really is one of the best they have p.s. her name is Apitsara so you must definitely try her out! They focus on the massage for a good amount of time and make sure that they don't leave you in five minutes like other salons do. Until you're relaxed and unwounded, the therapist continues massaging with her magical hands (I mean it)!!

Once massaged well, the hair is tossed under the steam for 5-10minutes like any regular hot oil massage, for the oil to be absorbed into the scalp completely. I don't like to put much oil on my hair, as those ends are already dead so I focus on massaging and stimulating the scalp instead when oiling and steaming. Then, the regular hair wash is carried out but if you're paying a good price for a hot oil massage, you know you're getting good quality shampoos and conditioners too - ranging from Joico to L'oreal and various other high-end brands. This also helps maintain the condition of the hair well unlike when using cheaper hair shampooing options that could damage your hair. Getting this treatment done is going an extra mile further but its so worth every bit since the massage & scalp pressure points are the key part. I've also become such a regular because of the attractive package deals they come up with from time to time, that I can't resist! I love dedicating up to an hour in a week to be a little extra pampered, but why not if it's for better, thicker, stronger hair ?!

Head over to Aroushi Salon in Umm Suqeim, close to Al Manara Road.

Contact 04-3486263 for appointments.

Instagram: @aroushi_beauty_salon_spa

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