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The most foolproof technique to cover my dark circles...

Dark circles are one of the most noticeable areas of your face, that either dull down your look or make your look even more glamorous if done in the right way. I face this problem on a daily basis, and I've tried so many things to get the right makeup for my under eye dark circles, especially since its a genetic issue. There are several tutorials and techniques in which people banish under eye dark circles using red lipsticks, red pigments and other crazy ways, but in its truest sense, they are actually quite dangerous. It is known that using any red lipstick under your eyes can pose a danger to your eye/eyesight and comes with many other risks so its not advisable to do so!

The most fool proof technique that always works for me, and if you know me then you know what horrible under eyes I actually have naturally, is using this wonder product by Bobbi Brown. It is the Intensive Skin Serum Corrector in 'Peach' which has changed my life!! I mean it, because before this I didn't think any product existed for me. But how do I use it?

I moisturize my under eyes with a light cream if possible, like the Nars' Total Replenishing eye cream. Let that sit for few minutes until it gets absorbed by the under eye area until there is no greasiness. Once that's done, I used this Serum Corrector all over my dark circle areas only to remove the darkness, and brighten it up instantly. I put as much needed, until I see that the darkness has been faded away with this peach corrector. (The Bobbi Brown corrector also comes in a creamy form but I prefer the liquid one since it's more hydrating to the skin under the eye) Once blended with my fingers, I apply a concealer on top preferably the Cle de Peau one to set the corrector properly and give me the coverage I need. I don't use brushes for any of this but if you need a heavier application then use a brush. And that's it, I'm done!! Another step which I don't do but you can do, is set this under eye makeup with a setting powder (loose powder, or any other) for your makeup to stay put. I don't like heavy makeup on myself, so I let it look natural without setting it with any powder. It does wipe off after a few hours, but I'm ok with it, since I like to top it up after a few hours.

This works so so well that I've not looked back even once from this technique!!

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