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My Fashion Diary: Internationally Stylish

Imagine swimsuits from Columbia, accessories from Capri & clothing from India and other parts of the world - yes, it's right here in Dubai for you! Bringing international brands and designers under one roof at a relatively affordable rate is the best part of this stylish boutique, Love Shop Pray, located on Al Wasl Road. What caught my eye was the variety and the diversity of the designs and pieces they hold at the store, making sure there's only one piece from each one design giving you a unique feeling of owning an outfit. From cute ruffles, to lacey dresses, fun denim, edgy handbags, unique flip-flops and stylish jewelry, they have a one-stop shop for styling your entire outfit, whether for an important occasion or just for a splurge. This was a super fun experience where I got to style myself, almost like having a play-date session with fashion, treating myself to the finest of designs any wardrobe could ask for.

For details or orders, check out & find them on instagram: @loveshoppraydubai

Until next time x

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