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Favorite Beauty Products of August 2017

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

When I've got to choose a mascara, I make sure I'm getting a LOT of volume and lift from it otherwise its useless for my small-sized lashes. I love the doll effect of lashes for a night out (without having to wear false lashes). I was a little hesitant to buy this one, since I have stuck to one mascara (Too Faced- Better than Sex) for a very long time and haven't changed ever since but this mascara was even better than the expectations I had. The name itself "Monsieur Big" says a lot about the actual mascara because within two coats, your lashes have a fuller and volumized effect with minimal effort. I have switched mascaras and now I hope I don't have to change to something better and bigger, but sometimes change is for the better i.e. bigger lash goals!

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette (in Golden Sands) This palette is MY ULTIMATE to-go-to at all times, whether I'm on a holiday or on a shoot or with a client. I can't emphasize on how amazing the actual pigments are, and yes a little bit goes a long way! It is such a handy palette, because of its mix of powder and creamy textures, and finding a creamy highlighter as well as powder highlighter and bronzer and blush all-in-one is just a lot of value for your money! You NEED to get this if you haven't already, but if you're starting new, do it step by step until you find your favorite way of achieving the highlight on fleet. My personal favorite way ,using the Golden Sands palette (for warmer or darker skin tones), is using the "Fiji" melted strobe on its own, on the bridge of my nose and apple of my cheeks for that all-time glow using my fingers since I LOVE the dewy effect on my skin. If I want it to pop more, I use "Seychelles" over it, and then use the golden bronze color"Tahiti" on the inner corner of my eyes and well as my eyelid. It creates a beautiful highlight effect all over the face.

MAC Strobe Cream

Till date, it is the most beautiful preparation and product you can bless your skin with, before starting or while doing your makeup. I have tried several creams, but the way this Strobe Cream blends into the skin and forms a gorgeous new layer of skin is simply amazing. The reflective properties and the creamy texture make it easy to play with, from using it as a cream before the foundation for the healthy glow to applying it on the highlight areas after your foundation (nose, cheeks, chin) as a highlight. The best part is that it can be worked in so many ways, without any restrictions because the results are either way so beautiful! Tip: mixing few drops with your foundation make your face look dewy and glory but use very little to avoid not looking like a shiny disco ball. It is that moisturizer which boosts any dull/tired-looking skin giving it that pretty glow. It comes in six shades, depending on the highlight you want, but "Silverlite" (i.e. with silver iridescent pearls) is the first shade that was brought in and worked on most people as well.

My Kit Co Pencil Sharpener

Sharpening on the go has been made much simpler with this conical shaped cosmetic sharpener that pencil shavings don't need to be cleaned out of your kit anymore. It's compact and easy to travel with, whether for personal or professional use. It's great for precision sharpening lip pencils and eye pencils, but only comes in one size so bigger-sized jumbo pencils would not be able to be used in here. You can purchase it on

Charlotte Tilbury 'Iconic Nude' lip cheat pencil I swear by this brand, the woman behind it and its quality of products, which is unfortunately available in London and not Dubai. The one thing I do enjoy using on myself and on clients from this brand are their so-called "lip-cheat pencils" which are essentially lip liners that help you line the lip like any other liner, when you want to make them look fuller and over-sized. What makes it stand out, is the quality of the product as well as this particular lip liner color which can go on practically any skin tone, called "Iconic Nude". Sometimes wearing in it on its own is also a good idea since they're soft and glide on easily. I like to start the lip by giving a first layer of this liner to create the initial shape I want, and then deciding what color I would like to layer on top when building the desired lip color, but its definitely a classic color to own in your kits.

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