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How to instantly control acne/pimple-prone skin with my 3-step skin regime...

Acne hasn't been frequent on my list especially after my adult acne condition that happened a few years back, but there have been spots or pimples that crop up on my face from time to time. The diet and eating out a lot does play a big role on my skin, but also since I don't apply makeup on a daily basis, I remain extra careful to be free of chemicals and other treatments that affect my skin indirectly.

While I was on holiday last month, I started noticing a gradual pattern of spots and random pimples that would appear overnight. Initially, I did panic as I got a few of them together but I didn't realize that I actually found myself the perfect way to control my acne that cured my skin overnight - instantly making it look clearer.

But how?

- First, I washed my skin with a splash of cold water and Avene's Cleansing Gel to get rid of any residue accumulated on my face from spending the whole day out. It removes any excess sebum on the face and refreshes the face, and is a great soap-free wash for acne-prone skin. - Then, I cleansed my skin with Bioderma's Cleansing solution, suitable for combination to oily skin using cotton pads. This helps remove any excess residue or dirt from the skin even if you have applied no makeup during the day and that's why I love this solution so much, even more than any other micellar water out there. It thoroughly cleanses and refreshes, helping prevent any oil to gather further. - Once cleansed, I applied my regular moisturizing cream (used a serum instead of cream at night) and then apply this magical herbal product by Shahnaz Husain called Shaclove. It's so good that I keep restocking every few months and use it on my spots or pimples every time they erupt. Use it preferably at night to dry up the pimples. I leave it on all night but you're only supposed to keep it on for 15-20minutes. I like leaving it on only because it dries out the pimple area and calms the skin down, mattifying it at the same time. If the pimples persist on your skin, then keep reusing this until it completely dries up. Its not harmful or harsh as its herbal.

This skin regime is practiced by me on a regular basis so I tend to stick to this routine for my bad skin days!!

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