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Tried & Tested: The SECRET potion that makes your hair grow faster!!

This BIG SECRET is one I'm revealing today only because I've seen so many girls ask about hairfall and face hairfall problems within Dubai, out of which mostly everyone blames it on the water that we use to shampoo our hair. Dubai's heat also doesn't help the hair condition and causes a lot of damage to our hair indirectly. Since I have always highlighted or chemically treated my hair, I also always face the normal hairfall issue but try to control it as quick as I can by doing regular hair treatments and trying out products that help me keep my hair in good condition if not the best! One of the most common things to do is oil massage treatments for your scalp, but this one is just a little different...

The one product that I have been using & loved the results of is like a magic potion for lustrous and beautiful hair, trust me it really is. It's this Japanese product called "Kaminomoto" that accelerates hair growth, and helps fight hair loss. It's a liquid formula that needs to be applied everyday on your scalp and areas where you find you're balding or you're losing hair regularly. You can apply it straight to your scalp or take some in your hand and apply it directly with your fingers. Try not to waste too much product on your hands, if you want to see the best results. The best part is that it feels like water, and is non-greasy so you can apply it at anytime of the day or night, and not feel that your hair has become oily. Massage it into your head, and it gets absorbed. Within few days, you see improvements and growth of baby hair around the areas you've been applying it the most.

Why Kaminomoto? It helps cleaning your hair pores which can be blocked due to dandruff or other scalp problems. This then helps stimulating the area around the hair roots causing activation of tissue cells, and growth of new hair. Hence, it improves the activity of your scalp, and makes it faster for the hair to grow in those areas. It's great for those who have dandruff issues, only because the pores start getting cleared gradually.

Its uses:

Treating baldness (male of female)

Maintenance of healthy hair

Scalp cleansing

Prevention of hair loss, dandruff & itchy scalp

Accelerating hair growth

Your hair is your crown xoxo

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