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Why you must try this beauty service at the newest salon in Dubai...

Jumeirah has opened its doors to the newest & latest buzz in town, which is originally a hair spa but surprisingly offers beauty services that you might haven't witnessed in terms of quality and professionalism. I got the opportunity to try out one of the most important services that every girl needs, which is hair removal using Lycon wax at Rossana Ferretti Hair Spa. It being my first time using this wax especially at a new salon, I wasn't sure what to expect from the whole experience but the end result was worth it.

Lycon wax is actually known to be very suitable for sensitive skin (which is my skin type), it works well for short hair up to 1 mm and it is non-irritant unlike other fruit and honey wax formulas that I've used previously. Since its made from natural ingredients, one of them being aromatherapy oil, the wax feels calm and light on the skin. What I loved about this session was that my therapist was so well-trained about the wax/brand and had so much knowledge about it that I felt very comfortable, as my skin tends to react quickly to waxing. She was able to read into the skin type and knew which wax to use in which area.

But more importantly, the one beauty service and wax type you must try is the hot wax by Lycon which is a self-pull out strip wax and it doesn't need any wax strips (pictured below). It's used mainly for smaller areas so I would highly recommend getting it done for the bikini wax because it doesn't pull or lift the skin as much as other waxes do. They use a pre-wax oil as well as after care to make sure its effective. And, the best part is that this salon exclusively works with Lycon wax, unlike many salons in Dubai, so they know what they're doing and you're definitely in the right hands! My therapist's name was Tressa so if you're considering waxing, ask for her as she's very professional and relatively quick at the treatment.

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, next to Four Seasons Hotel.

Tel: ++97143300073

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