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My Fashion Diary: Designer Feel, Luxurious Night outs

Looking for designer wear that is inspired by Balmain and other well-known brands? Party wear just became easier with short and long evening dresses from Vannia by Vannia, with good quality fabrics and luxurious feels when actually worn! I've been wearing her outfits for a few events and I like the way the dresses fit on me to perfection. The designer/owner herself is now based in Dubai having migrated from Bangkok, Thailand originally so caters to the latest fashion following trends worldwide. Even though a lot of the designs are inspired from designers, owning a piece is an absolute delight and loving it for its style yet being able to style it to your own taste is something that makes you stand out in the crowd. Some of the pieces in her collections are beautiful yet simple but the detailing is simply gorgeous. My favorite ones from the evening collection are the lace dresses she customizes and designs, and you will fall in love with it just like I did!!

Location: VII Club, Conrad Hotel Dubai

Find her on Instagram: vanniabyvannia & Facebook: Vannia by Vannia to enquire about her latest collections or to place any orders.

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