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Favorite Beauty Products of June 2017

Summer months are here, and taking care of your skin should be priority. Mixing up products to get that summer glow is on top of the list. Watch out for my favorites this month!

NIVEA SUN Protect and Moisture Sun Lotion SPF 30: The simplest and lightest sun protection that is available worldwide at every shelf or every supermarket or drugstore for your entire body. Its' white creamy texture is thick but quite effective to put on the whole body before heading out to the beach or sea. It's good to keep topping this up once you sweat, swim or change clothes as some of it might wear off during the process. It has UVA/UVB filters to protect all skin types once its applied well all over the body, and keeps you away from the sunburns and over exposure. The key is to keep reapplying in every few minutes or hours depending on where you are & what you're doing in the sun.

Veet Face Wax strips with Easy Grip (sensitive skin): The number one thing every girl needs on holiday when traveling away from the comfort of cheaper threading and waxing options. I have relatively sensitive skin so I find these strips ideal for traveling and smaller areas on the face like upper lip, cheeks or chin, as it moisturizes your skin as well. Its made of Shea butter so leaves your skin feeling smooth. The packet also has oil wipes that contain Almond Oil and Vitamin E so once you're done with waxing off the short hair from that area, clean the same area with this oil-based wipe. If you have sensitive skin like me, you will notice some redness but make sure you dab some ice and rose water on the redness. Note: be very gentle with these strips if it's you first time waxing because if you're too harsh, your skin can get damaged or bruised.

The Face Shop's Melting Color Lip Creamer in 02 Candy Violet: This lip creamer or some would say lip balm is a moisturizing combination of a lipstick and a cream which has properties of lip balms which gives out really strong and pigmented colors on your lips. This isn't one that would stay on if you have a habit of eating your lipstick, but is good for those who want a good amount of color almost like a lipstick but intense lip conditioning at the same time. I like the texture and softness of it once it glides on to the lips but it does feel a little sticky when applying it on. Great to have in your handbags for touch ups at all times! This shade in Candy Violet 02, is one of my all-time to-go-to when I don't want to hassle myself and just pop on a bright fun color on my lips.

Micaroon Makeup Cream Blush in "Tou": Bright cream blush with a satin-matte finish made of mica minerals. The texture is soft and the color is so fun & summery, that it looks great when you put it on. This is the blush I love using on myself for a fresh-faced look and suits all skin tones, so looks even nicer when its on no matter who I put it on. Not to forget, the packaging of this range is super cute!!

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