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The NEW creative makeup skill I learnt as a Pro Makeup Artist!

Recently, I got the opportunity to learn something that is so valuable to have as a skill, being a Professional Makeup Artist, almost as if learning how to visualize your final look on a piece of paper in the form of a face chart. The woman behind it all was the super talented, Marwa Barahiem, an ex-graduate of the Max Factor Academy in Dubai & now a professional KHDA approved makeup artist & trainer. Coming from a business background of oil and gas and switching careers to follow her passion, she has earned her recognition within the UAE from doing shows with the industry's top local designers to fashion weeks and well-known individuals that she also offers private classes and intense one-on-one training at the stunning premises of Max Factor Academy too! Being her student for the day, if there's one advice she gave for upcoming makeup artists and those thinking of pursuing the career was, "Follow your passion, work hard & practice hard." She also recommends on getting proper certification as it is very important, doing valuable research on your looks while studying makeup as well as doing the home work is key, and creating work of a very high standard and nothing ordinary is necessary as the market has become saturated. This was by far my favorite session of learning something new in makeup - I found this to be super relaxing and now its my new found hobby! I can't wait to share how we created this final piece of artwork together that was inspired by the creativity in the fashion industry, specifically focusing on fashion makeup .

The tools used to create the face chart (picture above)

Step-by-step tips on how to create the final face chart for your desired look :

Step 1: Create the first layer of the skin on the paper using a powder textured base of the desired skin color (light, medium or tan).

Step 2: Go into Detailing using a smaller brush to start the first level of contouring. Give more dimension to the face, nose and lips almost as if the paper starts having a 3D effect and the face is jutting out of the paper. To achieve a nose contour, use an angled brush and a cool contour shade in brown. Go very lightly to show the shadows of the nose. Lastly, emphasize on the cupid's bow and create a shadow not a line. Keep dusting any excess makeup on the paper using a fan brush.

Step 3: Go deeper into the face contours with a warmer color bronzer shade to contour the cheeks even further than what it already is.

Step 4: Give dimension to the nose and cupids bow even more by using a darker brown eyeshadow color.

Step 5: Start applying powder blush on the cheeks using eyeshadow and a bigger blending brush. If you want to use creme blush, just dab some on with a lighter brush touch and blend.

Step 6: Shape and draw the eyebrows by using some aqua color or eyeshadow dipped in water, with an angled eyeliner brush. Give dimension to the eyebrow with the smallest brush possible and some kohl pencil color (brown or black). Color in the eyeballs with a small brush of the desired eye color to highlight the eyes.

Step 7: Do the eye makeup according to the look you have in mind. Use mediums like eyeshadows, colored pencils, colored liners to achieve your final look. For the under eyes, take some kohl pencil and rub it on your angled brush and smudge through the line for the smokey effect to show on paper.

Step 8: Draw in the eyelashes preferably with a liquid liner depending on how intense you want the lashes to look with your complete look. Never go with pencil directly on the paper.

Step 9: Finally, do the lips with the lipstick color all over using a lip brush. Create dimension with a darker color eyeshadow all around the lips and the centre bottom of the lips. Add a slight highlight to the lip to bring out the lip color using a lighter color or a concealer.

Note: Creating a face chart isn't easy and only comes with practice! What mediums and products you put on the face and what you put on the paper are very different as paper doesn't show much when you take a picture. In that sense, even if you put more makeup on the paper don't worry as it won't show to be a lot in the final picture of your artwork. Try this out and make sure you only use brushes that you don't want to spoil i.e. spare brushes. When making a chart, the bristles can get slightly damaged so keep a spare set of brushes if you want to make face charts and be experimental! Happy Painting x

To contact Marwa, find her on instagram: @marwabarahiem or email her on .

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