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Favorite Beauty Products of May 2017

This month, I've worked with and used some lovely products that are perfect for a smooth and flawless makeup application. Not only that, but since Beauty World Middle East 2017 also took place this month, I was introduced to some gorgeous new brands that hopefully will get released in Dubai soon. Some of this month's favorites are a serious must-buy!

Illamasqua Satin Primer - Having worked with this primer, I have absolutely fallen for it! Its texture, its consistency and its absorption effect is something that's remarkable. Using it as a base before the foundation, it leaves the skin looking moisturized with a subtle glow making it easier to apply the foundation over it. The satin silky finish creates a smooth base, which allows you to leave it on your skin alone without needing to add anything over it. Sometime bare is best! This is a must-have for all you makeup junkies, you won't regret it. Ideal for normal to dry skin.

MAC 'Blue Brown' Pigment - The most gorgeous pigment that has a dual tint in its color. Its packaging shows brown but it actually has a tint of blue in its shade so the reflection is seen as blue & brown together when applied over the eyes as an eyeshadow. If you're doing a full matte brown black smokey eye, add a tint of this pigment on the centre of the eyelid to give your eye a dual tint and make them stand out more. It looks very different on the shelves, but when you try it on, it's such a gorgeous color!!!

Illamasqua Liquid Metal Palette - This one is truly for metallic lovers who love their golds, bronzes & silvers. It's the most ideal way of carrying your favorite metallic eyeshadow combination in one set (p.s. perfect for glamorous events and weddings). It's also so easy to use on the eyes as an eyeshadow base as its creamy in texture, highly pigmented and moves around well when you blend with your eyeshadow brushes. Set any of these metallics with a shimmer eyeshadow or pigment over it to enhance the color effect you choose. I love the way it sits on the eyelids! If not as an eyeshadow, add a bit of gold to highlight the brow bones, or else flaunt your cheeks with a pop of gold. Feel free to use this on your face, body or eyes - there's no limit to creativity!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Morocco' - A bright electric orange shade that's perfect for summer and your next upcoming vacation. The texture and intensity of NYX's lip creams is my favorite kind. They glide on easily, not leaving your lips dry, and melt on as if you have nothing on. The pigments are really strong, but I wouldn't say they are long-lasting. I top mine up every few hours but definitely don't regret buying a bunch of these as they're so inexpensive and so worth every penny.

Delfy Body Shimmering Oil in 'Golden' - Working with brides and glamorous clients, I make sure to keep some body oils or shimmers to enhance the skin and face for that extra glow. This gorgeous product and brand from London, which I have recently been using is something that's every makeup artist's dream! A little bit of oil gives you so much shimmer on the body that you only need a small amount to be rubbed onto the skin. The body looks velvety with a golden glow all over, and it feels like you've sprinkled glitter all over the body when you actually haven't. That is the beauty of this shimmering oil - creates a beautiful shimmer illusion that's also long-lasting!

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