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Lip balms to the rescue!

Getting obsessed with matte lipsticks and mattifying liquid lipsticks can be dangerous! My lips tend to get cracky and dry once I use a lot of matte shades on myself, and sometimes start peeling off if I don't take enough care (and not drink enough water!!) So I try to use matte sometimes and satin/sheer lipsticks otherwise. I love using lip balms when I'm on the go and some of these are my ultimate to-go-to for hydrating and moisturizing my lips.

1. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector - This lip-loving formula of lip care is one to stay and love, especially with the way it nourishes, protects, softens and plumps! It has a color shine of a gloss which is easily wearable on its own or over a lipstick to make it slightly more sheen & moisturized. Out of the 8 shades, my favorite is the Rose 01. You can barely see the color when put on, but it has a color shine that reflects through the lips. Simple and ideal for running around at anytime on the day.

2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm - Enriched with shea butter and botanical waxes, Burt's Bees lip balms are a favorite of many celebrities in bollywood and hollywood. I've actually seen it on one of the male celebrities, who was obsessed with this balm, while we were shooting (p.s. that's where I got my Burt's Bees inspiration from). It's super moisturizing and gives you a beautiful tint keeping the lips under control. Since it lasts for 8 hours, you don't need to top it up much but I like to use this on top of my matte lipsticks to add a bit of moisturize and tint. I love the shade in "Rose" as it has a beautiful pinkish-red tint that leaves the lips looking healthy. I also don't really like using colorless lip balms, and definitely prefer a little bit of a tint so this is ideal!

3. Rimmel's Lip Conditioning Lip Balm by Kate Moss - The beauty essential which is so soft in its application and instantly makes your lips feel moisturized in the most effortless way. Putting this under any lipstick makes your lipstick last for up to 8 hours, while keeping them moisturized, and preventing them from cracking & peeling. It's clear and has no color, but it gives your lips a healthy glow. What makes this even better is that the lipstick doesn't slide off immediately, it just locks in the moisture and gets absorbed by the lipstick that you apply on top of it.

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