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My Fashion Diary: Summer Wardrobe Preps

Rooting from a mixed background with a touch of Turkey & New York, Dalia's western touch is what brings the difference to every piece of her atelier, DnJ Style, making sure it speaks out to multiple audiences. Her versatility yet eccentric designs show her love for life and how inspiration can come from anywhere in the surroundings, from birds to buildings- there's no limit. Summer is approaching and this is the preparation I'm doing for my wardrobe - colors & more colors! Dalia is the one I chose to highlight and brighten up my summer fashion diary. She's also able to customize any outfit with some of the most different fabrics which makes it so much easier, as her designs are unique yet modern and her style is eccentrically feminine.

The Eccentric Turquoise Floral Dress

White Coachella Romper

Flattery Flamenco Off-shoulder Dress

The Mermaid Fitted Flary dress

'Fly Like a Butterfly' Dress

For details or orders, direct message on instagram: @dnj_style &/or

email: Sizes 8-14 available. Cash on delivery within Dubai.

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