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How to achieve metallic eyes & lips without metallics?

The metallic trend has been one that has lasted for a very long time amongst the fashion, beauty and glamour world, and I feel it's one trend that suits all skin tones and occasions. There are several ways of achieving the look but there are few techniques which could help you get there faster rather than actually buying the metallic eyeshadow or the limited edition metallic lipstick specifically for the look you want to create. How can you achieve it without having the desired metallic products? It's easy!

If you have a regular matte eyeshadow and want to have a metallic/glowy effect, start by using a metallic eyeshadow primer or base. Try out Makeup Forever or Illamasqua for creamy metallic eyeshadow bases or even Bobbi Brown's creamy eyeshadow sticks. If you don't have a metallic eyeshadow base, then try using a liquid illuminator or highlighter which you use for your cheekbones over the eyes first and set it with an eyeshadow of a similar color (use a shimmery one if you want more of a shimmer effect). Try not to use a dark eyeshadow on the base so that the metallic effect gleams through the eyeshadow applied on top. MAC has a beautiful all-purpose highlighter in "Pearl" which is a multi-purpose product and can be used as a brow or cheek highlighter, and an eyeshadow base like a cream color base with a pearl effect (i.e. pale gold with an icy shimmery effect). This saves you a lot of time and space when you want to carry less, and achieve more from your makeup. Apply a light-colored eyeshadow over it to see the effect and set the cream base. This turns out to be more white in color, but if you're looking for a different metallic color, then use a different color highlighter base and go over with a similar color eyeshadow.

For a lipstick to have a metallic effect or glow, apply any lipstick, preferably in a satin finish as matte doesn't absorb the metallic well, and go over with an illuminator to add the extra oomph. Alternatively, mix the lipstick color and the illuminator together and apply all over lips. If you want more, add a clear lipgloss over this to make your lips look bigger and fuller with a high amount of shine.

Products Recommended:

Bobbi Brown long-wear cream eyeshadow sticks

Makeup Forever or Illamasqua cream metallic eyeshadow bases

MAC Pearl highlighter

MAC & NYX eyeshadow pigments

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