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10 Insanely Genius Beauty Hacks you need to know!

1. How to make use of your last drops of your concealer or foundation that is about to finish? Place it in a bowl of hot water for about a minute, and shake well until you find the solution to be more fluid and easier to apply. No need to waste those last drops, every drop counts!

2. To avoid bad odor from your clothes while traveling, spray some tissues with perfume and place it at random areas in your suitcase to spread the fragrance and let it stay locked in the suitcase so that the freshness remains.

3. For a quick smokey-eye effect, draw a hashtag on the outer edge of your eye with an eyeliner pencil of the color you want (preferable brown or black) and blend it away for the smokey look. Keep hashtaging if you want it to be more intense.

4. Bobby pins that keep slipping and falling from hair while hairstyling can be annoying. To make them stay in place, spread the bunch of bobby pins out on a tissue and spray them well with hairspray. Wrap this tissue and shake well until the hairspray spreads evenly. Once you put them on the hair, you'll notice how much they actually hold and stay in place.

5. Mix loose eyeshadow pigments with a clear nail polish to get the nail color you desire. Apply a few coats of this polish on your nails to notice the color, it might not be as strong but it does the job when you can't find the nail color you particularly want.

6. Toilet seat cover paper is great to use to blot any oil on your t-zone or any other oily areas, and serve as a blotting paper incase you can't be bothered to buy one.

7. Liquid lipsticks can be used as eyeshadow bases or colors (and blushers if you really love that flush of color on your cheeks). Use the ones you love the most as your eyeshadow colors or the ones that suit your eye color but make sure to blend them quickly with a brush as they dry up fast as they would on the lips. Once you apply it as a base, put an eyeshadow color of your choice and the base will give off that color to your eyes, making it stand out more.

8. To get the winged liner look, insta gurus have tried spoons as well as scissors but keeping the kitchen tools aside and being safe, its easiest to use the bookmark post-its which are small in size and like a tape which can stick on the side of your eye as a guideline. Stick it on in the shape you want your liner and create your winged liner look.

9. Cover your balding areas with a matte black or brown eyeshadow or an eyeshadow color that matches your hair color with an eyeshadow brush. Use a flatter brush if you want the color to go on the scalp, and use a blending brush if you want a light touch of color on the scalp. To make this color stay on longer, spray a little bit of hairspray over so that it stays in place. Don't use an eyeshadow that falls or spreads a lot and make sure to apply it to areas or partings that are thinning for a fuller and thicker look.

10. Use Vaseline & a disposable mascara wand as a lip scrub. The roughness of the wand will remove any dead skin on your lips and will be moisturized well too. Once the lips are scrubbed well, it'll help the lip color stay on for longer rather than peel off because of dry cracky lips.

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