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Favorite Beauty Products of April 2017

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder - This is an equivalent to a sheer luminous polish to your skin with a natural-satin finish, great for touching up makeup or even setting foundation throughout the day but at the same time, giving you a lightweight feel only. Who said makeup is bad for the skin, especially when a product like this has vitamin E in it?! I also like using it for natural contouring, so if someone is lighter skin-toned, buy a darker shade powder to contour the cheekbones and face. If you want to use it for highlighting, buy two shades lighter to highlight their face. It does serve as a multi-functional powder. Since it comes in so many shades, its so easy to match with your skin.

OPI Nailpolish in "That's Hul-arious" - Mint green is the color I have been loving this month and nothing better than finding this beautiful OPI polish which is just the right color to begin spring/summer. Two coats do a better job on the nails, and remind me of spearmint gum overtime I've applied it on.

Cuccio's Conditioner Butter stick in "Pomegranate & Fig" - I've come across many solutions for dry cuticles but it was a first when I came across and started using this butter stick which I found ideal for traveling. It's a very hydrating and non-greasy solution for dry or cracked cuticles, enriched with Vitamin A & E, and shea butter. I've been using it everyday to moisturize without having to worry about anything spilling in my makeup pouch or bag, especially while being on a flight.

Benefit's Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping kit - The Brow zings' kit is an eyebrow powder and wax duo, with a set of tweezers to remove any stray hair and applicators to sculpt & shape the brows. First, apply the wax over your brows with the angled applicator (should be matching your brow color) and using the setting powder, apply it over the wax and create the shape. The powder helps fill in any gaps and locks this down up to 12 hours. I would only recommend this for those who like a soft and natural brow application, and nothing too intense as the pigments aren't heavy.

Rimmel's Oh Gloss in "Go Gloss or Go Home" - I've been using this product on myself for a while, even though lip glosses are completely old school for many people. I like to gloss it when I need my face to brighten up and lips to have some pop instead of a matte lip. This Rimmel gloss is the just the right product to slip in your makeup pouches when you want a full shine & gloss effect on top of any lip color you wear. It goes well with all colors, but since it's a lighter color lipgloss, it makes your lip color slightly lighter in color than what it actually is. If you're not into nudes or pales or peach tints, then go for a brighter color lip gloss instead but that could change the color of your lipstick. It does get a little sticky when you apply it, but it's better than many I've tried.

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