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My Fashion Diary: Chic meets Comfort at Wozati

Having a French influence and keeping a mix of elegance with casual style is what this brand is all about. Made of 100% natural fabrics like cotton and silk, with high-end quality designs, Wozati is committed to paying attention to every single detail to its quality and luxury provided through their online store. Natural beauty is emphasized with the simplicity, and quality of their clothing.

White Shirt Dress by Wozati

Wearing these outfits makes me feel so comfortable, and I love the versatility of every piece, which was easy to pair and play around with for my daily wear. If I had to compare it to any other high street brand, I can definitely say that these quality fabrics are rare to find for such an affordable clothing line.

Black top & Blue trousers by Wozati (front)

Back details of the black silk top by Wozati

Love the comfort of this black silk shirt with its open back detail, and find it so easy to pair with any trousers, either to work or an event. I chose to pair my set with a flared jacket, which is a piece from my wardrobe.

White Ruffles Summer Dress by Wozati

Back details of the white ruffles summer dress by Wozati

This white summer dress is my favorite piece from their current collection, just ideal for a lunch or even a holiday! Pairing it with a colorful bag will make the piece stand out even more. If you're into accessories, then wear some chunky bracelets or earrings which to complement this beautiful dress but choose accessories or a bag . And if you like it just the way it is, then you need this piece in your wardrobe because the back speaks for itself. You can adjust this dress to your waist size so it definitely accentuates this waist no matter what size you are.

Pink sleeveless top & Black pocket skirt by Wozati

The pink & black set is perfect to pair to work or a meeting, giving a feminine yet delicate touch. The skirt comes with pockets so is ideal for a casual or formal event. I wanted to add some fun to the piece, so I chose to pair it with this chunky pastel necklace, and some comfortable flats, making sure the rest is kept minimal. The silk fabrics are so cooling that you feel like you have barely anything on.

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