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New formula to get healthy Inside & Out

Healthy isn't about what's on the outside, and what is covered with makeup day on day. It's also what is on the inside that goes into your system, making you look beautiful on the outside. Behind this concept, is where Bourjois comes together with Kcal, on an exciting collaboration to make healthy juices following the formula of their HEALTHY MIX foundation to bring out the perfect you i.e. they even use the same vitamins used in the foundation to make the juice to have the similar feel and nutrients for you.

Using the picture above, you can order the Healthy Mix meal from mid-April to mid-May, which is a salad and a juice exclusively available for this collaboration at all Kcal restaurants and online, and become lucky to get some Bourjois goodies too! Kcal's unique recipe for the Bourjois Healthy Mix pink juice consists of Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 & Vitamin C. Vitamin E benefits as an anti-oxidant and to boost radiance, Vitamin B5 helps to hydrate and tone, & Vitamin C is for anti-fatigue, so including this in your diet this month might bring out a new & improved you. After all, healthy and beauty goes hand in hand! Order your Kcal on

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