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The Perfume every Shoe addict needs!

Shoes are a girl's best friend, or well most girls, and for me, perfumes are my favorite accessory to wear when I step out as that's what leaves a lasting impression throughout the day and night. Combing both together is deadly and that's what the genius, Carolina Herrara, has come up with in her latest fragrance, GOOD GIRL, using her couture expertise to redefine beauty.

The perfume is well designed for the woman who loves her good side but celebrates her bad side, bringing in light and dark elements within this stiletto bottle. It is definitely a piece to store and show off on your shelves, and not only show off but also fall in love with the sensuality of its smell. The fragrance carries a floral wave of Tuberose & Jasmine Sambac elements, combined with warm, deep notes of roasted Tonka beans and Cocoa so it leaves a sweet yet sexy kind of scent on your body, making it the ideal mix between floral and fruity scent. It is definitely my new best friend, which you shoe lovers will love too! Day by day, it grows on you and a little spray goes a long way. If you want to save on this bottle or even buy it to gift someone special around the world, your best best would be Dubai Duty Free!

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