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Healthier-looking, radiant skin with Clarins

Clarins has been my favorite skincare brand for years now, especially during the transition phase from a teenager to an adult where my skin transformed the most.

Recently, I came across a product which really changed my opinion about foundation and how foundations don't have to be so cakey all the time, as I've always been using the Clarins BB cream when it comes to self-grooming. When I don't want it to be too cakey, BB creams and tinted moisturizers work well generally but this product surprised me! It's the Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Light Reflection Foundation SPF 10.

The foundation that creates the perfect balance between coverage and hydration. It is oil-free, and comes in multiple range of colors which makes it easier to find the right shade for you unlike Clarins' BB creams. Even though it offers a light to medium coverage, when applied over the skin it looks so radiant and fresh almost like an illusion that you have perfect skin with no flaws, that reflects with a natural glow once put on. It glides on so smoothly, doesn't feel cakey and gives you the flawless finish without looking oily. It also combines mineral and plant ingredients to give the most beautiful and healthy effect to the skin. These are the shades it actually comes in the retail stores.

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