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Favorite Beauty Products of March 2017

Kevin Aucon's Sensual Skin Enhancer

This product is definitely a must-have if you're looking for some great coverage. The professionals in the makeup industry who use this product never look back only because of its thickness, intensity & coverage. It can be difficult to work with if you're new to it but you need to know how to. Even though its displayed in a small jar and is relatively expensive compared to other concealers, a small amount of it goes a long way. It is a very rich & creamy concealer, so it's best used when mixed with a little bit of moisturizer or serum or even your foundation so the texture gets lighter. Applying it directly is not so ideal, unless you need to cover a big skin issue. If your foundation doesn't give you so much coverage, add a bit of this concealer to it and enhance your skin by getting that flawless finish.

Ingot AMC Face & Body Illuminator (no.63) The sheen highlighter you would love to own in your make up kit is this one by Inglot. Not only does it have a pinkish tint to it with a sheen illuminator effect but is also oil-free. There are many ways to use this: either mix it with your foundation so you're glowing all over, or use it on your cheekbones to get a bit of natural blush & highlight effect, or use it on your body wherever you want your area to be highlighted. Since it has a pinkish/peach tint to it, it looks quite natural and rosy when applied to any area. It is very lightweight in texture and has a beautiful sheen finish so it glides on to the skin easily.

Makeup Forever's Smoothing Primer

I'm not a primer person, but this primer caught my eyes when I was introduced to it for the first time. Since I love the brand Makeup Forever, I love this primer especially because it feels like velvet, and is so light that it melts into the skin almost as if you have no primer on. It is highly recommended to blur any imperfections & hide any open pores. Apply this on areas that need priming, and then apply your foundation & you will notice that you get better coverage, and your pores or imperfections look more settled down. I like to pair this with the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation to get the right finish..

Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Micro Liquid Eyeliner

For a liquid eyeliner, Rimmel hasn't failed to impress with its smudge-proof, water-proof & long-lasting liner. This eyeliner has the most perfect fine tip that makes it super easy to line any small areas and corners as well as be precise for winged eyeliner applications. The tip is quite small and rich in its color, that you achieve the ideal eyeliner effect you want from an inexpensive product like this.

Bioderma Sun Mist SPF 50+

Protecting your face from the sun isn't enough but you also need a product to protect your body from the sun rays we're exposed to. This "sun mist" is your solution to keeping your skin young, but also grease-free. It is a product unlike others, only because with sunblocks you feel heavier as you have to apply a cream all over & its white in color, but with this sun mist it doesn't leave any color & disappears into your skin like a transparent layer of protection. It doesn't spread and it isn't so liquid in its form so you feel fresh after spraying it all over, very similar to a face mist. SPF 50+ makes it ideal for skin protection in UAE's climate.

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