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Which classic HudaBeauty lashes are the best to wear?

HudaBeauty lashes have become so popular around the world that every single Sephora in Dubai either almost always has a few out of stock or sometimes completely sold out! Thank god they keep filling the racks up regularly, but one thing I always notice is girls' looking confused when it comes to picking the right lashes for themselves. You have to keep in mind before buying, that HudaBeauty lashes are quite long so if you have very tiny eyes, I don't recommend them but for the rest, feel free to experiment depending on the volume you want. I also suggest you try to cut them to the size of your lash line so they fit your eyes and blend it with your own eyelashes. My personal favorites, from her classic collection, that I love to wear myself and love to use on my clients are:

1. SAMANTHA - These are perfect to wear when you don't want to go too dramatic on the eyes but want your eyes to look bigger (and definitely better). They are of medium volume so they add a decent amount of volume to your existing eyelashes. Also ideal for brides, when you're looking for a natural kind of volume with a little bit of oomph to your natural eyelashes. These lashes look good with a smokey eye and they make the eye makeup stand out even more.

2. LANA - These are very spider-like but in a good way, only because they have drama on every single lash and are thick too. Since they're thicker, they give more fullness, and more volume and add so much more drama to your eyes. This looks good on heavy eye makeup and definitely makes the makeup look more dramatic, but I also love its effect on lighter eye makeup like a semi-smokey eye as you can see the definition of the eyelash more.

3. GISELLE - This lash is specifically perfect for those who want a natural glam look, and this is my go to when I have any personal shoot. I love the effect of it on my eyes because it adds the right amount of volume I need without looking very crazy. Its easy to wear for day and night events, as you gradually change the makeup. It does look like you've worn lashes because of Hudabeauty's dark lash lines but it doesn't speak out that loudly comparatively so if you're like me, then these are ideal for you.

If you're interested in others, I also would recommend SCARLETT for drama! Since its' lashes are longer towards the end of the lash strip, when you put them on them, they make the edges of your eyes look more dramatic. This is also perfect if its your wedding and you want dramatic length and volume all the way but only use these if you are the experimental kind of girl!

Hudabeauty lashes generally range from Dhs.75 and upwards. They're available to buy at & all Sephora stores.

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