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Favorite Beauty Products of February 2017

Daily Serum: Kiel's Hydro Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate

This serum I have raved about earlier, but the effects of it are actually so good that you feel refreshed & renewed after applying this for a few weeks. It's great for all skin types, and feels like water on your skin so doesn't make your skin oily nor dry. Also, not to forget its made of Glycerin which is good for your skin anyway. I use it daily, mostly in the mornings before my sunblock.

Contouring: NYX Contour stick in 'deep' shade

An inexpensive but most effective way of contouring your face without having to worry about contour lines or intensity of contour. The Deep shade is the most intense shade in this stick (also comes in light and medium shades) and all you have to really do is draw a line with this down your cheek bones, and blend to get that perfect contour. NYX range usually carries some amazing products but this one you definitely won't regret buying. The deeper you want your contour to be, draw a thicker line and then blend. This is good for darker skin tones but I like to use this for an intense contour on my skin tone which is medium. Use the yellow highlighter to highlight the forehead and nose, mix a bit with your concealer to lighten up the highlight and then blend.

Blush: MAC Creme blush in "LadyBlush" The pretty peach shade which everyone needs in their makeup kit. I love the way it adds a natural tone of blush to my skin without looking too loud. It's great to use especially during winters, as its creamy in texture, so when my skin feels dry I add some of this over my moisturizer on the apple of my cheeks and sometimes on my lips too. I don't use too much of it during summer, as I have combination skin so I try to use more of powder blushes.

Highlighter: Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

The finish of this highlighter is unlike others for sure. All social media is obsessed with highlighters that look super intense, but if you're more of the natural beauty then you'll love this! Its buildable, soft yet gives me the natural glow when I don't want to look too loud. The best way to use this palette is by using the bronzer to give a natural contour & sculpt, and then add the powder highlighter on the cheekbones and nose for a glow. I also like to use this highlighter as my eyeshadow on the eyelids to highlight my eyes. This palette comes it two shades, light and dark, for those skin tones. I don't recommend this for dry skin

Lipstick: Huda Beauty's matte liquid lipstick in "Gossip Gurl"

Huda's matte lipsticks are my favorites in Sephora, only because they don't dry my lips as much as others do. I'm not a very matte lipstick person, but this one is a keeper. I like to mix it with other colors on the back of my palm, because matte lasts for much longer, and my lipsticks generally rub off really fast. "Gossip Gurl" is a pretty pink shade that works well on my skin tone for a daytime look.

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