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Handcrafted range of Apothecary that is truly magical!

Home-made beauty secrets are known to be the biggest success when it comes to skincare. Mamta Nihalani, the owner and founder of Apothecary by Mamta Nihalani, is the beauty and brains behind the gorgeous handcrafted line of apothecary products, which is a combination of her passion for beauty, her Ayurvedic knowledge and her homemade beauty secrets, created to feed the mind, body and soul.

When I got hold of this range, I was super excited to start using it on my skin because my skin is on the sensitive side, so I knew I was safe with these products as they're all natural, made with some of the best ingredients in the market. I didn't even feel the need to do a patch test once I opened their lids, since they seemed chemical free, purest in their form, freshly made and they smelled divine, almost as if you could tell what ingredients each container consisted of! Not did I know that I would be falling into a magical new world of skincare!!

The first product I tried was the Essential Oils Luxe Hair oil, which is limited in quantity as it comes in a tube but it is a fabulous vitamin for the scalp. I love doing oil massages regularly, and love experimenting with oils so this hair oil is one that you would want to keep using week on week. Immediately after the first use, my hair felt so soft, shiny, smooth and well-nourished. It has also tamed down the frizziness and has made the hair more manageable. Other hair oils have similar effects but this oil didn't feel greasy while washing the hair and it wasn't smelly either. It actually gave off scents of mint which was very soothing and relaxing during the massage. Since my hair is long, I ended up using three quarters of the tube and it all got absorbed easily.

The Lavender Sugar Body Scrub - One of the best exfoliators I have come across in Dubai, especially since its calming and the grains are rough but they don't hurt or damage the skin or even leave the skin dry. Once you start scrubbing, you notice the dead skin disappearing and the dry skin getting moisturized as the scrub actually releases oil that makes your skin as soft as a baby. For me, it has been working really well on the elbows and knees where most of the dry skin patches up. I usually have to use an oil or moisturizer after the scrub but with this Lavender scrub, my skin felt very smooth and majorly hydrated. For ultimate moisture, use an oil (preferably coconut oil) after the scrub to maintain the health of your skin and to keep it good condition.

That's how my skin felt & looked after using the body scrub:

The Magic Mud Mask- The hidden gem of the whole range. I can't start describing how magical this 15-minute mask actually is. It is super creamy and light in texture which makes it very easy to apply and spread all over the face. Once applied, you feel a cooling sensation because of the mixture of camphor and rose water, along with fullers earth and sandalwood. After 3-4 minutes, the mask starts drying up on your skin and you feel an instant tightness in your skin which becomes more obvious once the mask continues drying. 15 minutes later, after washing off the mask, my skin felt hydrated, brightened, rejuvenated & so refreshed! I also applied a small amount of my neck to tighten & brighten but kept it away from the eye area. I could see results instantly which makes me want to use it again and again! I am totally in LOVE with this mud mask, and its one of the few that suits my skin without giving me any tingling or itchy sensations. It's been the ultimate recovery for my skin after the wedding season, and has already become a big part of my skincare regime that I'm completely addicted!!

If you're interested in products from this range, visit

& use the promo code "FLAWLESS" on your purchase to receive your surprise!

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