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What changed my skin: The BEST body moisturizer!!!

It's quite often that myths and studies take over our brains, and we start to believe beauty secrets that we're not supposed to! I like to try simple things, but ones that work best for me, preferably home remedies or natural sources. My best kept secret, which I have kept to myself for a while, is the moisturizer I use for my body.

I've used several moisturizers over the years, and love to keep my skin hydrated and soft because I've generally gotten normal to dry skin, & over the years my skin has improved drastically. In the winter, it tends to get even more dry so I make sure I avoid that.

My ULTIMATE moisturizer for the body, and what has changed my skin completely is the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil! This is the best remedy till date that makes my skin feel soft, smooth, moisturized, and baby-like skin. It even beats regular body creams and body butters, and is relatively inexpensive yet organic. This particular brand and texture is what suits me the most and has given the best results in a short period of time.

Texture: Its not melted coconut oil, but solid in texture so you need to melt it under hot water with its tap closed.

How to use it: After melting it slightly, take a handful amount and apply it over your skin, all over your body while you shower, part by part. Apply more on dry areas like elbows, knees etc. While you shower, rinse and pat your skin so that the oil gets absorbed in well. Luke warm water is ideal to shower with. Don't use any soap while you take the coconut bath. After the shower, towel dry your body and re-apply a light layer of coconut oil for intense moisturizing (great for extremely dry skin). This actually works! Doing this routine at night is beneficial, as your skin lets the oil absorb well over a long period of time. Another way of doing this coconut treatment, is by soaking yourself in a coconut bath with this specific oil.

How often: Doing this three times a week is ideal but if your skin is very dry, do it everyday.

Where to buy: Organic Foods supermarket & store, Dubai

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